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tree tattoo backpiece by LaughingTree tree tattoo backpiece by LaughingTree
*Tattoo done by Durb [link]*

Click [link] to see the second view of the back
Click [link] to see the front
Click [link] to see the first session video

Alrighty. She's FINALLY done! After over 2½ years and over 100 hours of work... DONE! It's hard to believe. But it is finally done. I'd grown so used to my monthly trips to the shop. I'd seen a lot go down in those 2½ years. I imagine some people might be curious so I shall explain the significance of this tattoo....

So originally it started out as me knowing I wanted a tattoo, and being pretty sure I wanted it on my back, but then not knowing what I wanted… So I started thinking… What would be something I’d want on me forever… I came up with a couple ideas. Mostly geometric type things. But they didn’t strike a chord or anything. I don’t exactly remember how I came up with it, but eventually I thought of a “tree” and it just clicked. At the time the reasoning was just because I really liked trees mostly. My name means tree. I loved climbing trees. And I just like nature in general really. It was something that I have always liked. And so that kind of had a couple months to sink in.

After a couple months I still liked the idea of a tree and started doing some sketches… This is when I really got serious about it. I happened to be reading a book at the time, and this is where the true and current meaning of the tree really comes in to play. The book was "Jungian Archetypes" by Robin Robertson, which is a really great book, by the way. Anyways, in the book it talks about a 14th century alchemical illustration in which a man is shot in the side with an arrow and a tree grows from his genital region…. The arrow represents some sort of pain or trauma. The man is forced turn on himself, acknowledging this arrow, and through that he is then able to access his anima (A Jungian concept) which is represented by the tree. The anima is the generally repressed feminine characteristics in a male (while the animus is the generally repressed masculine characteristics in a female). So for instance, sensitivity, creativity, passion. These sorts of things. So to make a long story short, essentially, this tattoo is a memorial for my mom and the acknowledgment of who I am as an artist, and what I’ve gone through to get to where I am.

I have a vivid memory of my dad explaining how my mom is buried under a tree, and how they specifically picked that spot so it could give her shade in the summers and provide shelter from the snow and rain...

I couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out...

* I have given permission to *Full-Back-Tat to post this tattoo in their club. They've got some nice work in there. Check it out...
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mlj17 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2017
super awesome :)
MobianMonster Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Damn dude, that's one fantastic use of your body for something huge and detailed like that. Good to see something different than your typical angry skulls or anime tattoos.
ladyofthehollow Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
That is awesome. ...but I'm sure it hurt like hell!
LittleBullworthGirl Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Woah, so beautiful! It looks like the evil tree of the movie DBZ: The Tree of Might. I just liked so much it! :3
mlc256 Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
I have never seen anything like it! Super cool and creative! Wow!
LukosMelanos Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014
Arf, stunning !!
Creature98 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
monkhead281 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2014
magneto284 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2013
Amazing i wish i could do the same but im hairy as old wolf:D
WarriorCatLuver123 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2013
That is one epic tatoo! Must have been painful. :( Still really awesome! :D
SweetSweetCherryPie Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013
Wow... just... WOW! Impressive! Must have been a lot of work... and pain :D
LaughingTree Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013
Yes and yes!
Zacharywilliams24 Featured By Owner May 23, 2012
Very well planed tattoo and looking to get one done on my back
darkangel10003 Featured By Owner May 14, 2012  Student Writer
That is soooo awesome! It looks amazing! :heart:
Evil-Squffin Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Just thought I'd let you know, this is the most beautiful/amazing/awesome tattoo I've ever seen. :)
Acheron-Leqver Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2011
...I cannot even begin to think of how long that 2 1/2 years must have felt, but it is most certainly a worthy choice! It's not easy to come across too many well designed (and meaningful, not just some picture) tattoos, but this...I just cannot begin to talk. I just happened to be looking for inspiration before I start to draw out my future tattoo(s) and this one is by far the most beautiful I have seen. Live well, long, and happily and I wish you well however you pursue your art matters.
elsch Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2011
One of the most beautiful tattoo's I've ever seen ;__; <3
Fing82 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Tokajein Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2011
Wow that looks awesome
mollomoonie Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2011
DaZeDmerlin Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2011
What a damn masterpiece, lucky you, this rocks!
LaughingTree Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2011
Thanks. I'm rather fond of it myself!
Pikkle Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
one of the most gorgeous tattoos ive ever seen.. its absolutley fantastic! (:
SlEePiNgScHoOl Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
umm... How much did this cost you???
StrictlyAshleyDee Featured By Owner May 7, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
DUH-PANDA Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2011
Cool tattoo, obviously has a lot of meaning to you and your family.
thor353 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Damn, that's an epic tattoo!
Blackwidooow Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2011   Photographer
Woooooow such a beautiful tattoo!
Icecreamvamp Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2011
Simply the best thing I've seen. Also because you made it so convincing by the size.. I wouldnt dare dreaming of getting a tatt that big some day, but Im busy for 5 years now to think and work about my own.
Angelys05 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2010
that's fantastic, I congratulate the artist!
LoserArtJunkie Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2010
What a gorgeous piece of work... and meaningful, too. Anyone would be lucky to have a piece like that on their body.
Girlsinwhitedreses Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2010
wooow :O that is amazing! out of curiosity how much did it hurt? >.> i want to get two large tattoos on my right and left rib area and im nervous >.< its so detailed! *stares in awe*
LaughingTree Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2010
Thanks! It definitely hurt, but I wouldn't hesitate for an instant in saying it was worth every ounce of pain... The most painful part was without a doubt my collarbone. That was actually the most painful thing I've ever experienced in my whole life.. But again, easily worth it. I've heard the ribs are not very comfortable either, but don't have any firsthand experience. My wife is actually getting a tattoo next week on her side and ribs, so if I remember I'll let you know how she does... It'll be her first tattoo.
Girlsinwhitedreses Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2010
oh wow :O thanks so much for the reply! it really helps, now i can't wait to get it :) i hope she likes how it comes it!
xmaggiexxxtattoosx Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2010
ah i absolutley love tree tattoos!
i have one on my leg!
amazing tattoo, big props! :XD:
Ane-te Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2010
crazy !
LadyShinigami Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2010
Wow. That is a gorgeous tattoo! LOVE it.
Lorrain Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
renegadeSister Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2010   Photographer
very nice.
Aurynsdream Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2010
That is absolutely amazing. Therese nothing else to say about it other than wow
kathrynne1 Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2010  Student Artist
I first saw this when I was searching for tattoo's, and, that's beautiful. I added it to my favorites and then logged out. When I logged back in today, I looked at it again, and read your story about it's symbolism and significance to you, and it became even more beautiful. Thank you for sharing it.
Dominekpingwinek Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2010
very amazing tatoo
Kulot Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
its beauty is only surpassed by the meaning and reason behind it

christineLT Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2010
that's what i call tree. i draw the same kind of trees. i think in this way they look most beautiful.
revolta Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2010
yowza! love it
razzell2 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2009
fucking bad assed wicked kewl.
my daughter is getting the same thing...well, her version of it, just like this.
this is really very nice.
no color, love the black and white shading and edging on your pale skin.
anything on the front of your person? does this design carry over to your chest or stomach?
LaughingTree Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2009

Front: [link]
LyszzWos Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2009  Student General Artist
wow, it's really really good :D
BeautifulSeverance Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2009  Student General Artist
I absolutely love trees and this tattoo is so outstanding im spellbound...woooww...
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